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Honoring those that came before you and the legacy coming behind you.


Hi, I'm Shekila!

Owner of Mindful Legacy

Shekila is a licensed therapist in Virginia and Tennessee with 12 years of professional work experience. She holds a Master's Degree in Counseling and a PhD in Counselor Education. Her theoretical approaches are Relational Cultural Therapy, Decolonized/Liberatory practices and an intermediate level somatic practitioner. She believes in honoring the power the client holds to heal themselves, to create a space where individuals feel seen and their pain met with compassion and dignity. Taking the first step to sign up for therapy can take courage and I am proud of you for getting started!


Connect. Liberate.  Heal.

weeping willow.png


The evolution of my work is rooted in the strengths of those who have come before me and those who have left this earth too soon. The importance of trees, leaves and the representation of nature in my work is a reflection of my journey through grief. My brother passed away in January 2021 and shortly after his passing I saw a Weeping Willow.   Weeping willows symbolize grief and loss but they also symbolize the art of surrender, the  power  of adaptability and the ability to not just survive but to thrive  in some of the most challenging conditions. My hope for each of my clients as they journey through their healing is that they may find themselves thriving.

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